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They're here because they need to be somewhere!



Download TimeLine's classic Time Code Tutorial  (Zipped .pdf format, 568KB)




Download Lynx-2 Cable Schematics  (Zipped .tif format, 1603KB)

Download Lynx-2 Manual [incl. bulletins & software]  (Zipped .pdf format, 860KB)

Download KCU Manual [incl. bulletins & software]  (Zipped .pdf format, 957KB)




Download MicroLynx Cable Schematics  (Zipped .pdf format, 450KB)

Download MicroLynx Manual  (Zipped .pdf format, 1486KB)





For Lynx and MicroLynx Repairs Contact:


T/L Services
28545 Felix Valdez, #B1
Temecula, CA 92590

Phone: 951 695-0180
FAX: 951 695-4908
Email: tlsrvs@msn.com
Web site: www.timelinevista.net



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