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Session Control LLC was founded in January 2003.


Our initial product offering, the TL-Sync, was designed by our founder and President, Mr. Gerald (Gerry) Lester, using all the knowledge and experience he has gained in his 26 year association with the audio industry.


A brief list of Mr. Lesterís designs and achievements will illustrate the depth of knowledge he brings to Session Control.


Former VP of Engineering at TimeLine Vista, Inc.

Designer of the TL-Sync.

Chief architect of the Tascam MX-2424 24 Track 24-Bit Hard Disk Recorder.

MX-2424 Awards

2001 Mix Magazine TEC Award
Category "Recording Devices"

M.I.P.A. International Press Award
Given by the editors of the world's leading professional audio publications.

Electronic Musician Magazine
2001 Editors' Choice Award

Pro Audio Review Magazine
Par Excellence Award

Click here for more information on the Tascam MX-2424.

Head of project for Tascam MMR-8 and MMP-16 Digital Dubbers.

MMR-8/MMP-16 Awards

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
Scientific and Engineering Award
To TimeLine Incorporated for the design and development of the MMR-8 digital audio dubber specifically designed for the motion picture industry.
Presented March 3, 2001

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2000 Prime Time Emmy Awards
Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development
Gerry Lester
MMR-8 and MMP-16 Digital Dubbers.

8th and 9th Annual Post Awards
Audio Systems and Gear
Multitrack Digital Recorder
Tascam/TimeLine MMR-8

Click here for more information on the Tascam MMR-8 and MMP-16.

Author of MIDI Machine Control (MMC) protocol.


Member of MIDI Manufacturers Association Technical Standards Board (1987-1990).

Contributor to the MIDI Time Code (MTC) specification.

Designer: TimeLine Lynx-2 software.

Designer: TimeLine Lynx V600 varispeed synchronization software.

Designer: TimeLine MicroLynx sync extensions & enhancements.

Designer: Alesis AI2 ADAT synchronizer.

Click here for more information on Alesis products.

Former Chief Engineer at Adams-Smith.

Designer: Adams-Smith Zeta~Three software and specification.

Zeta~Three Awards

1990 Mix Magazine TEC Award
Category "Ancillary Equipment"


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